A Better job that will take me out of Debt and make me financial Independent.

by Ingrid (Concord)

Thank you Heavenly Father,

For all that you have done in my life and always your sweet love . I am asking you Saint Jude to help me with a better paying job with the right hours and a better quality of enviornment to work in…

so I can go to school and heal from these tribulations of many tradegic deaths in my family, sickness in my mind and body homelessness and addictions physical and sexual abuse .., that
You, Your son Jesus and the Holy Spirit has brought me through Thank you so much for that. I am ready to move forward to be free of the oppression of poverty and lack in my life!!!I am asking for a speedy request so that I may also be blessed with a good tax return to puchased a great reliable and quality car since I have been with out a working car of my own.

Thank you St. Jude and God Bless in Jessus name.

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