A Beautiful Morning Prayer

by Figueroa, Mitzi N. (Philippines 6015)

Dearest Almighty Father,

We give You thanks for today. Thank You so much for giving me these eyes. May I use these eyes to help the blind to see. Thank You so much for giving me these ears. May I use these ears to listen to the word of God, not just hear it. Thank You so much for giving me this mouth. May I use this mouth to praise and give Thee thanks. Thank You so much for these hands. May I use these hands to take care of the loved ones You gave to me.

Jesus Christ, my humblest King, son of God the Father in Heaven and our Mother of Most High, have mercy on us! Protect us from the temptations of evil and lures of the Earth. Keep us protected by your Holy wounds. Dearest God, we pray that You will ask your Mother to clothe us with her Maternal protection.

May we use this day to give You glory!

This we ask in Jesus mighty name! Amen.

(Pray the Apostles Creed, 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Mary’s, 1 Glory be, and Salve Regina).

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