Peace and economical finances

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Holy saint Jude, I am using my own words because I do not know how else to ask, please bless me with the job in benoni that I so desparately need to stop travelling as much as I do, please please blesss me with money to buy the vehicle I need to start a small business the bakkie, I know this will be in your time, but we do need a miracle for this to happen. I thank you with the biggest gratitude in my heart for blessings already received, please take care of my family with their illness and the sickeness they have in their minds. I thank you Mother mary for always protecting me on the road, please help me forgive my spouse for all the wrongs and let us live a better life, please Mother Mary and jesus the son of God my prayer is genuine and heartfelt, and guide me to have one or two good outsside of work friends, I need this oh lord for my own sanity. I pray you, and thank you with gratitude and love. Amen.

In Jesus Christ, your Son’s name, I ask that you grant me (the bakkie I so badly need and enough money to get me through the month. amen amen amen

While making the request, you must promise either:

(a) To publish this prayer or
(b) To circulate the favor
This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, the request will be granted, no matter how difficult it maybe

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