Faith Abundance God God’s love and Protection

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Thank you for waking me up today. Thank you for waking up Peyton for peace loving blessings. My jobs financial increase stability understanding wisdom, discernment new doors new careers my health, stability love wisdom Ven, my mom, G, my children My Dorsey Travis Hooks Melchor Evans Duteau Desroches Keels Cardworks family Herron and Battle family and all of my friends past present and future. In Jesus mighty name God thank you for new love new door weight loss and success. In Jesus mighty name God I have a lot on my plate mentally and physically. I ask that you put me back in a good mental space, and rest my mind body and soul as it needs the rest. God thank you for everything I ask father God that this week be filled with blessings miracles love financial increase and blessings more weight loss and rest. In Jesus mighty name I declare a 3:20 ephesians over my life allow no weapon formed against me or those I love to prosper nor any plans of the enemy harm us. In Jesus mighty name cover us with your blood our comings goings mind body and souls thoughts interactions and continue to bless us and prosper us in Jesus mighty name Amen God I pray for the Robert’s family and hot water in my house. Let no weapon formed against me prosper let no wick tongue speak evil thoughts over me. God open many doors in my life and close unnecessary ones. God I pray for Pj and him to walk in his purpose I love him but im ok with not being with him. God I pray for Ben and want to be with him but only you know what is too come I trust you and submit to you cast all my cares fears and worries on you. God do your will in my life. God end poverty lack and hunger. In Jesus mighty name Let us rejoice and each week for the year be filled with more blessings and miracles love peace great health agape love increase joy and you God. In Jesus mighty name God end poverty lack hopelessness homelessness and joblessness sickness and disease in the country and world. In Jesus mighty name I pray God bless everyone. Hallelujah

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