Increase My Faith

by Mecia ()

Lord I come to you, as humble as I know how. Thanking you lord for this day, and thanking you for this very moment. To be able to reach out to other Christlike beings so that I may be transparent to them. I come to you with a open mind and heart, a heart of fear, and seeking guidance and asking you to have your way in my life this day! I’m battling reports from Drs, financial security, trying to build a business, and worries about my family. I ask sweet Jesus, that you help me on my journey. To free me from doubt and trust the process that you have blessed me with. Help me to believe in me as you do. To be more than a conqueror, to stand up for myself, to trust that you are a healer, that you will provide and order my steps. Deliver me from me oh lord. Guide my tongue and my thoughts so that I don’t wonder into the field of negativity. That I will stand on your word that you will never leave nor forsake me. Give me the strength to push pass my pass. And help me, to be the best mother, daughter, and friend I can be. Free me lord from being a pushover, and have your way when others wrong me. Build me up lord to be more like your son Jesus, and increase my faith knowing I can do all things through you! Help me to be more obedient in Bible reading, guide me to a church home, be obedient in my tithing. Lord bless me so that I may bless others. I’m grateful for the job I have and I go above and beyond when there, but lord you see the evilness that surrounds me and the financial burden it brings. I’m in a place mentally where I want to throw in the towel and pursue what you have so clearly placed in my view. But I’m afraid of failure or that I can’t accomplish what I envision. My confidence is low, and I don’t want to walk away from my only source of income but I feel my season is over with my current employer. Help me lord to be firm in my studies for this new career and trust that you will see me through. I pray that everyone attached to me wins! May you continue to be a fence around my children and family. May you guide my kids, and order their steps, and keep my niece that I’m caring for covered under the blood as well. Continue to bless my Mother and My Father, my family as a whole. And Heal the sick, bless the bereaved and give us all strength, to praise and worship you daily, keep us lifted as we enter into this cruel world. And lord please continue to bless those responsible for this site, May they continue to spread your word and the will to help and serve others. I ask these blessings in all things, in your son Jesus name I pray, Amen Amen Amen!

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