Your Plan Lord. Not Mine

by Margaret ()

Father of kung fu today asking for strength to to keep my hope in you and my faith in you knowing that whatever your plan is for my home to be that it will happen the way you want to not the way I do largest is be with me Lord and not just God me in the situation you might know my heart and I know that you know what’s best for me or do I just put it in your hand sword and I know that you will help me make the right decision on whether to stay in this mobile home or go to another type of living situation I’m putting it in your hand sword I just asked the truth you take the situation and you guide me and and lead me to where you want me to be whether it be in this trailer and apartment a house mobile home whatever your plan is and wherever your plan is for me to be able to access it. Just fall into place La Patricia him thank you Lord for for blessing me throw my Mash Lord. Thank you for scrapping Joker baby girl and Mama’s but I just asked you to bless her health gorgeous what I just asked you at the church Scrappy’s eyes that he can see and he won’t his eyes won’t fall over or just heal his eyes or wherever you put a sword I have faith that you know best in the situation or you know best and everything but thank you for everything that you do everyday that you wake me up. Lord I ask that you take the this addiction from me and you cast it to the pits of hell where it belongs. Lord I ask you to flesh Freedom Fellowship who helped me with the materials for my flooring even though it has not been finished or just bless them. Lord I know you know my heart and I feel that you put me on this Earth to care for people and their last days and that is what I love doing I ask that you open doors for me to do that again in Jesus name I pray amen

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