~Please Lord may the police not stress me in future.~

by Darla ()

I’m not into crime Lord as you know. I recently came into contact with a police man who may have said/done some things on purpose to make me feel uncomfortable.~ It bothered me that he said to me recently “There isn’t enough evidence for a defence.” But he meant with regards me being a victim of anti social behavior and that I hadn’t submitted enough evidence against the perpetrators of that against me, so he should have said “There isn’t enough evidence for a prosecution.” Meaning to convict in a court of law the anti social people who bullied me out of my tenancy! He’s a cop,why did he said the wrong thing like that? I notice these things, and why was I misinformed at the police station as to when he would be there? Why did the police receptionist suggest I wait outside in the cold? When there is a waiting room in the police station? ~ I’m not stupid. Why did he ask me to come into the station in person to give the police more information saying he couldn’t deal with the case on the phone when he’s a community policeman and out and about most of the time? I did actually find more closure on the phone with him after calling 101. Because by calling him and him telling me that some cops did actually go down to my previous tenancy and have a word with my Landlord,etc,who wasn’t doing his job properly re: the anti social behaviour against me I found out that the ASB diary log sheets had done some good.Please protect me Lord Jesus in future so the police don’t cause me stress. Amen.

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