Prayer for Guidance, Protection and Miracles


Dear God Almighty, I and majority of the Filipino are prayer for good, honest, clean and orderly elections on May 9, 2022. May the new Commission on Election Commissioners Appointees will stay neutral, will honestly protect the sanctity of the Elections, and will now allow fraud and cheating to happen. and may the Lord God will pray and be with Vice-President Leni Robredo and team while doing their campaign Peoples Rally today onwards until the May 7, 2022 end of campaign period. please pray that VP Leni and wards will able to do their campaign activities peacefully. that God will send the holy spirit to dwell within their camp, to illuminate their mind, to direct their footsteps, console them if there is possible trouble and abundantly bless all of their undertakings. and may the holy spirit, stays with them, keep them from hard, danger, from sickness, from trouble, from harassment, from embarrassment, from evil doer, from the crooked and and from the wicked. Our Blessed Virgin Mary, our advocate, please do not leave, nor forsake our beloved Vice-President Leni Robredo and team, especially their volunteers and avid supporters.

Sacred hear of Jesus, and Mama Mary, please give VP Leni and camp and All the COMELEC Commissioners a holy blessings. Amen.

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