Financial Miracle

by Sally ()

I have live with my mom for 36 years in her home. I wen tru 2 divorce. One in 1985 from my daugher dad, she was 5 months old. He wanted out of the marriage. Than I got married in 1998, we separated in 2004, got divorce in 2017. He was verbal abusive, alcoholic, unfaithful, controlling. Took care of my mom at home for 2 years, end she ended up in a carehome for two years, but I took care of everything. It was very stressful. I have 3 other siblings but they didn’t help at all. My mom pass on last year May 11th, 2020. My brother next door, had my mom sign for a loan 34 years ago for his home, he is the co owner, I live in my mom house which is in bad condition, holes, termintes. I dont have the money to fix it up, and it is under my brother. As long I live in the house, it wont be taken, the house is on lien.
So I did a financial Miracle to buy my own home. Thank you so much! I do pray and I love God with all my heart. N one of my siblings is into God. One brother is an Athiest.

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