God Blessings Protection Faith Favor Love and Miracles

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Thank you for waking me up today.Thank you for your love peace happiness joy contentment, blessings, miracles, great mental and physical health. Thank you God for my abilities my car eliminating Debt a roof over my head my jobs and for the ability to make choices of my own with your guidance. Thank you for the new blessings and miracles the new week will bring until the end of the year. Thank you father God for the biggest blessing outside of having you God, my beautiful daughter, my mom, my bf, my family Wooten Travis Dorsey Hooks Melchor Evans Duteau Desroches Keels Herron Battle Cardworks Curtis family Benjamin family Cody’s family and all of friends, framily and extended family. In Jesus mighty Thank you for the Robert’s family the blessings and lessons in regards to that situation. God let no weapon formed against me prosper nor any plans of the enemy harm me. God let no weapon formed against me harm my relationships with my mom my bonus children Curt and you God. God let no weapon formed in the Robert’s household influence or harm Peyton and I in Jesus mighty name in no shape or form. God let this year end with financial blessings bring about peace, love, respect, boundaries and distance. In Jesus mighty name. God I have faced so many challenges in my life that I would like to overcome. I ask that you guide me on the path of righteousness and to do all that I can do to be a blessing to my child my mom and my relationship with Curtis our love putting you God first place in all of my important relationships. In Jesus mighty name I pray healing repentance and forgiveness in my relationships with my mom, Curtis,Pj. I pray healing in my temporary home with the Robert family I pray for blessings for everyone respect boundaries consideration and humanity may everyone in that home who enters be filled with love peace joy boundaries respect understanding compassion and empathy and most importantly God love and agape love. In Jesus mighty name God I pray for a 3:20 ephesians life exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all I can think and ask for I pray for Christmas and in general to be able to bless Peyton with the things she needs and that I want her to have, the financial means to decrease my debt get caught up on my car note and car insurance for a substantial amount of money to touch my hands and bank account this week up until the new year to be able to catch up on some wants and supply all of Peyton and mines needs they say you protect babies and fools I have been a fool and a fool with a baby I repenth my sins and come before you to make my wrongs right I submit and surrend cast all my fears doubts and worries on you. Thank you father God for my new home my husband my weight loss and phenomenal health eliminating Debt my beautiful daughter and all of my bonus children.in Jesus mighty name Amen Hallelujah Thank you God for all you do and have yet to do. God I pray that you provide our final lump sum stimulus checks before the year ends and the holiday season ends. In Jesus mighty God I pray for all your children and mine enemies that you end hate poverty jealousy hunger hopelessness homelessness and joblessness. I pray for more love peace joy contentment and more of you God. Let us rejoice and be glad in you lord in Jesus mighty name God I pray and let us rejoice in this new week and the new month coming. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen Hallelujah

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