Need God

by Laddie ()

My son Jose is a on meth and is now in prison someone drug him shot him cut him up abused him and did witchcraft on him need god to deliver him from everything and soul ties just praying that after he does1 1/2 years that he will turn his life around for the better so he can get on with his life and his kids also asking for my daughter she is very agree at her brother even said that 1 1/2 year wasn’t going enough he should do 3 or more but that is in gods hands my mom and fathers health need to get the caregiver funds for them so I can get paid for taking care of them both I am still on a waiting list for a year now my sisters and brothers salvation and deliverance from drugs and alcohol and pain pills for all 4 of my grandkids to stay on the right path for my ex to stop being afraid to take a chance and work for himself also for his health has back and neck problems for my cousin Mary needs to get out of her house cause her daughter is doing a lot of witchcraft and she has a lot going on with her health she cannot fight all the enemy’s on her own just for god to speak to her and move her out of that home and for her to go to her daughter place until she can figure things out and for myself my health need to get motivated to workout again and take care of myself I feel like I never have time after I take care of 3 people my granddaughter is 5 she I take her to school and back and help her with school work need a breakthrough I want to get a house for all of us that the lord will show me where and when

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