Healing for a Best Friendship and Love

by Tina ()

I’m praying for God’s healing and restoring to a special friendship, my best friend who is going through something right now and walked away from me without a real explanation. I pray for your prayers of strength, healing, and restoration of a friendship. I miss my friend so much, and we are long distant right now. I find it even more heartbreaking not to be able to give them a hug, or be there in person. My heart is broken because we were in love and inseperatable, without warning he walked away, he went cold and that isn’t my friend.. If we had an argument I could ask forgiveness but we haven’t.. If I did him wrong I could say I’m sorry to him, but we have had no problems…I know depression and others can enter minds of the ones we love and cause problems… I pray that isn’t the case… I have given my friend space and turned the situation to God….. I know God can do all things, and right now it feels like a miracle is needed. I would do anything to see them and talk to them. God knows their pain, and what is going on in their life. I just want to be there for him, and pray and give love. It hurts because I do not know if we can get past this when I move closer to him in August when my job ends. Please pray God heals our relationship and friendship. Please pray for me to have healing as well… I’ve never had a friend or someone I love walk away from me and this hurts so much.

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