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Hello, I’m praying today about my problems I’ve inquired (I think) since I tested for Covid-19 this last February,2022. I felt my usual self before that day so I’m not really sure if it’s from Covid-19 or maybe just a coincidence all this came on at the same time and maybe it’s long Covid-19?? At any rate, Covid started with a bad headache and a cough and a fever. After that, Migraines since I’ve had since I was 16, started getting worse with dizziness,headaches and nausea. Also I’ve had this problem of getting dizzy for about 5 years before all this so when I got dizzy I really panicked and now have been diagnosed with General anxiety disorder. Because I was diagnosed with Covid-19 I quit smoking and that was a bad habit I’d had for 45 years and since have had much more anxiety from quitting Cold Turkey, I did’nt have any idea I was ganna quit but thought I better for my health. So at this point I’ve seen 3 Neurologists and my primary Doctor many times for my condition and theres not much improvement or change in my health. I will see another neurologist on Sept 22,2022. I’m pretty discouraged and cry alot! I will never give up trying to get help for this and The Trinity has been my closest friends for help and comfort for all this! Plus I forgot to mention I get the dizziest in my left eye when I move it to look for something on the left side only and have seen many Doctors for this too and they all say my eyes are fine!!!! Could you Please pray that I find a correct Doctor that can correct my eye and diagnose me correctly,Soon!!!! , because I get pretty scared when I get dizzy and don’t know where to turn and I cry because I’m so discouraged. Could you Please pray also that I can get a solution for all this to be myself and be Happy again. I’m 63 years old and want to and would Love to live and enjoy the rest of my life. Thank you All so much ,you have no idea how much I would appreciate all your prayers. God Bless all!

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