Pray for my divided family

by Lisa ()

Please pray for my family. Especially my little grandson. I pray after the next few weeks or more of being separated from him that during that time he is not scared and not feeling like he will never see us again. I understand he has been pressured into saying and believing untruths about this side of his family. May it all be resolved quickly with little or no stress on my poor little man. He is only 11. Sadly this scenario has happened a couple times before except this time his maternal parent has stepped it up to include his beautiful loving aunt and myself. The other two women who would die before harming a hair on that child’s head. Please pray for the maternal parent and her spouse to come to their senses and stop inflicting their lifestyle beliefs etc on him and let him be happy with both sides. I’m so heartbroken and scared I will not be able to get my relationship back with him.
Please pray for his aunt she is very bitter at being dragged into this and now feels like it’s not worth the effort. I pray she and my other son regain their love for one another and commit anew to their marriage so that my other two grandchildren do not ever have to experience this kind of separation. My intentions have always been to be the best loving and supportive mother and grandmother I could possibly be as my own mother and father were to me. I miss them so very much right now feeling very alone.

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