Restoration of relationship with my daughter

by Roxi ()

I’m soliciting prayer for restoration of the relationship with my daughter! She was being mean and blatantly disrespectful! I was so hurt and angry with her! I reached up and grabbed her shirt collar yelling at her! So she told me she was done with me! It’s been going downward since the pandemic! She doesn’t feel like I understand her or listen to her anymore! We had a very close relationship her whole life! When she came back from college she was changed! She told me she is pan sexual! I raised her with with Christian principals! She doesn’t believe in God anymore!
I am in the process of seeking a divorce from her father! I have not revealed it to her or him! I am not safe! I don’t agree with him having a relationship with another woman while being married to me! He is verbally and emotionally abusive to me! My daughter didn’t use to agree with his behavior! Unfortunately now she is ok with it and has joined forces with him! He is extremely happy with that! He encourages her disrespectful behavior! I have serious health issues! When she got covid they did not tell me! I found out from someone else! My husband doesn’t buy food for me, they have not spoken to me since March! I haven’t worked since 2012 because I was attacked on my job! I have been disabled since then! My adult autistic son is extremely angry with my daughter and husband’s mistreatment of me! So when they’re home we stay away until it’s time to go to bed! I’m trying to find housing for my son and myself so we can be at peace! I’m praying, staying in the word and trusting God with all of this! Though it is painfully difficult walking through this journey.
Please pray for us and with us.
May God richly bless you in Jesus holy name!
With the love of Jesus

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