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To whom it may concern: I am standing in the need of prayers for a great number of people(all of my loved ones, my extended family members & friends, my church families,both old & new, my work colleagues & associates, my customers, clients, residents,as well as neighbors, and strangers). Please pray for them; so that they may come to the saving grace of knowing GOD or the TRINITY. I am especially praying for even most, all of our youth world wide, those under 30, especially for their SALVATION because of the culture, a lot brokenness from sin, a fallen world, and everything else from A to Z. Please pray even most for all the people or citizens there in the UKRAINE that GOD will protect, provide and meet every need(all of their needs) in regards to the conflict in their country due to an enemy force. We need to pray for them & support them. Please continue to pray for all whom are LOST in this world due to sin or a fallen world which is not our home if believe in JESUS because HEAVEN awaits us whenever we leave or depart from this present world. Please continue to pray for all who are undergoing persecution in other areas of the world(Asia, Africa, The Middle East, other areas in the world, especially in the UKRAINE). We need prayers in our own country too in regards to everything from A to Z. Please continue to pray for all whom are broken in many ways, disillusioned, desperate for help, hurting, wounded in many ways especially in their spirit or soul, and everything else. Please continue to pray for all of our leaders globally in regards the conflict that is going on in the UKRAINE due to the evil actions of others. Please pray for the rest of us too, GOD knows our sins & struggles within /beyond our control that GOD can, has and will intervene to guide & direct us as well strengthen us in HIM along the way in this dark world because HE(JESUS) is the only way out of darkness to HIS GLORIOUS LIGHT or SAVING LIGHT, HE IS OUR SALVATION when we believe & trust IN HIM. Please continue to pray for all PRODIGALS that they will return HOME INTO JESUS SWEET ARMS because HE will never leave us or forsake us and HE searches out for all who are LOST especially ONCE a PRODIGAL LIKE ME, a long time ago. I am so happy that HE RESCUED ME FROM MYSELF & MY SINS(ALL OF THEM). WE also got to stay prayed up 24/7 non-stop for everyone in this world including ourselves. The SEASON OF LENT is upcoming soon, then GOOD FRIDAY and EASTER SUNDAY OR RESURRECTION SUNDAY. HE(OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR) PAID A HEAVY PRICE FOR EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD BOTH SINNERS & SAINTS ALIKE, because we all fall short of HIS GLORY. We gotta turn to HIM, trust HIM, BELIEVE IN HIM, OBEY HIM IN HIS MIGHTY STRENGTH, and not our own strength which is nothing compared TO HIS STRENGTH(ONLY). WE are weak but HE IS EXTREMELY STRONG. We gotta stay prayed up and let HIM FIGHT ALL OF OUR BATTLES(ALL OF THEM) because we will never win them without HIS DIVINE LOVE&HELP,HOPE AND DIVINE STRENGTH & GUIDANCE. Please pray for a lot of marriages, relationships, and individuals as well that GOD will intervene there is never nothing ever TOO HARD OR IMPOSSIBLE FOR HIM BECAUSE HE IS GOD’S ONE & ONLY BEGOTTEN SON. (John 3:16-36). (GENESIS TO REVELATION). YOU ALL ARE ALWAYS IN OUR PRAYERS 24/7 non-stop, please keep me lifted up in you guys prayers too, I can use a lot of them at all times non-stop(24/7). JESUS IS COMING BACK & ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TIME & THE HOUR OF OUR SAVIOR’S(SWEET) RETURN. We gotta be waiting.
forever prayer warrior.
P.S. Please pray for all of our military personnel(here in America & around the globe as well as our allied forces too). Please pray for all of our men & women in blue, fire fighters , paramedics, healthcare workers & support staff, as well as our essential and non-essential workers too.

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