Loosing our home

by Jim ()

We are a family of three all of us in one way or another have a disability .Me OCD my wife ,Agoraphobia ,my daughter A.D.D .We have lived in our current place 20 years. It’s in town where we feel safe and secure and because it’s in town close to things we feel a sense of safety because we do not drive we still can get to Dr.grocerys.appts etc. Here’s the issue. The owner wants to sell the house and move out of the area it has been offered to us. But twice now in the last three years the banks in the area have ended and shut down their first time home buyers programs we were in. The owner although nice is getting inpatient to sell and told us 2022 she needs to put the house up for sale on the market.We are really concerned about being able to buy it .We can afford to pay for it the payments would actually be less then the rent. But it’s the down payment and a bank that will work with the low income program that will help us pay for the house once it is bought that we need prayer for.I pray the words Lord we would really like to stay in this home if its at all possible. You led us here when we were in need and provided it as a safe secure home to live in.If at all possible please allow us to stay here. Please provide a way we through ownership or renting if it is your will and if it is not please lead us to another home we will feel as safe and secure in.Please show us and let us feel your words and direction in this manner.We pray upon your promise of safety we want your your will and direction in this matter please show us direct us touch the owners heart in this matter and put a hedge of protection over us and direct us in this matter because we feel confused scared and out of control right now Amen .These are the words I use but please use your own .I believe in the power of prayer and if 2 or 3 ask in my name. But I feel dismayed at this point .I believe it’s the devil wedding his way into my thoughts .Because GOD works in his own time but we still are feeling scared and concerned.We need prayer so much in this area. Please help.
Thank you for any prayers and help you can give us

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