Accountant or Operations Manager / Financial Operations

by Michelle Therese Anne ()

God, DEC 12, 2022 isolated American President’s daughter Michelle Therese Anne Kennedy thru intercession acceptance / financial operations job offer thru jesus christ Amen. God thru intercession Jesus Christ an offer of employment with advanced relocation assistance. Theres is holiday shopping and no Christmas celebration because of betrayal and rejection. God, send US Treasury Check for Offer Employment Accountant Board EEOC Office by advent dec 24, 2022. God, send financial assistance US TREASURY CHECK from US Government, treasury check for equal employment settlement back pay and front pay and pension queen mary annuity. God, send priority US Overnight by US Treasury Check for dental care, housing entitlement, furniture, necessities to financial independence. On this day Dec 12, 2022 if necessary advanced relocation assistance to Nation’s Capital Washington D.C from Pittsburgh, Pa by air plane tickets for Christmas Meeting. Please remember I paid for completed university degree for two decades and need return on investment FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SALARIED EMPLOYMENT.

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