Plesse pray for my Special Friend to reply my messages & VDO call me ASAP

by Mesy ()

Please pray for my Special Friend to reply my messages & VDO-call me ASAP.

He is my Special Friend, because I am bond with him since 3 months after sending messages and then I knew that he will has a surgery for skin cancer on his nose. … During that time, I prayed for him & sent get well messages to him everyday. After that, our good friendship starts …

But … My special friend is quiet … and it’s already 2 weeks now.

He has never been quiet so long like this since the beginning of 2023.

(Last year, he used to be quiet for a long time because he was sick and I just knew it later when he already recovered. So I did not have a chance to pray for him during his difficult time. I felt so bad and guilty about that. So I did not want it to happen again.)

He still does not check my messages. … I don’t know what is the reason that one does not have time even a few mins to check messages from someone who is care, worried, and concerned with him?

I am very sad, upset, and disappointed.

But.. I am very worried and concerned about his health, his well-being, and his safety.

I don’t know what’s wrong or … is he angry with me about something?

(But I did not do anything that can make him angry or upset at all. So I am very wondering and worried … what’s wrong?)

I am afraid that he is sick because he has many business trips and has to fly to many cities and nearby countries which sometimes have time zone differences.

(Last year he got vertigo from flying a lot like this, and in late 2021 … he got Meniere disease because of flying a lot and working too hard.)

Please pray for him to have good health, not get sick, not get vertigo, and that Meniere disease won’t come back.

Please pray for him to check all of my messages and reply to my messages.

Please pray for him to VDO-call me ASAP. (He told me that he will call on 19 Feb. 2023, until now, he did not call yet.)

(I would like him to call me before he has a business trip to Canada on 12 March 2023 [if his boss does not change the schedule.] Because when he is on his business trip, he will not have time to call me due to his work schedule. he has to be with his boss almost all the time, and the time zone difference.)

I am praying every day and waiting for my Beloved Heavenly Father to answer my prayers.

Thank you very much for your understanding and kindness to pray for me.

May the Lord bless all of you abundantly.

Amen …


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