Restoration and forgiveness

by Sandra ()

I pray lord that you guide my relationship with my son and daughter in law and granddaughters hekp me know the words to say that he may forgive me for not being present when he needed me especially since I’ve not texted or called because of the uncontrolled anxiety that has caused great heart ache in my relationship lord I didn’t want to worry him and I am ashamed and embarrassed by the tremendous way it has affected my mental clarity and numbed my feelings . Lord I give you praise and honor for saving my son from drug addiction and providing him with a good job to provide for his family and giving him your strength to carry him through each day and keep him humble and I ask you you to guide him in learning about you he is wanting to find a good preacher to help teach him your word I am so pleased that he has desire to know you better and his family that they may find a church that teaches your word . Lord if it’s in your will I pray that they can move back to Tennessee and that you will heal me from this anxiety and depression and that I may be able to live close to him or even somehow be able to give my house for all of us to live together to fix basement for me to live and they could live upstairs .if be in thy will or lord you know what is best let your will be done . Lord watch over my family and put your angels in charge to protect them from harm . I give you all glory and honor and thank you in advance for your love and provisions for all my family . In Jesus name amen

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