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Hello. I have been only on here for a little time, but in that time I’ve lost somebody that I love. My grandfather sitcombed to a very painful death. He suffered a lot in his last few days… And though I know he’s not suffering anymore, that doesn’t make the grief any less painful. I’m asking for prayers of healing for the family, prayers for healing of my aunt’s, uncles and father. Also asking for prayers that anyone’s life that he touched which were so many. I didn’t want to say this part but I guess I will, I am a recovering heroin addict, and the staff is really got me shook. I know that my grandfather would not want me to use his death in vain. So I’m praying for strength, faith and healing. Also for me. I’m going to have grieve this death without use of mind altering drugs. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you all!

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