Forgiveness and Comfort

by Vanessa ()

My Prayer is for Jesus Christ to forgive me for not trusting in him to save me, when I confessed him as Lord, asking his forgiveness and to abide in my heart and than I was baptized in a Church, confessing ” Jesus Christ to be Lord, but when baptized, I doubted that I was cleansed from my Sins. I questioned my forgiveness of Sins and Salvation! This has been with me from 2001 till Today, 2022. It makes me feel lost in faith and Salvation. I think I just don’t trust or believe by Faith. Maybe, if I heard Jesus Christ, voice telling me, ” You are Forgiven than I would be certain of my forgiveness of Sins and my Salvation Secured. I have been a worrier and doubter as a young adult. I don’t know where it comes from! I Panic and Worry. I need to be released from allowing myself, to doubt and worry. I say, it is a Faith thing because Faith is what we hope for but yet don’t see. Bible Tells us, faith comes from hearing the word. Also, I married a Believer in Chri Jesus and the marriage ended after 15 Years, due to infidelity, lies, deceit and being treated UnGodly and unloved by my Husband. Please Pray for my kids, Peace and Sanity through my marriage separation. Pray for my Son, Gabriel Hurtado, who is 17 and feels alone like he, has no father. His Father, my ex husband, does not call, message or pick up the kids, to spend time with them. My Ex husband, is not with God. He is not well in Faith and way of living. He has returned to the flesh and worldly way of living. He left into the world against , just living His way and not in a relationship with God in purity of heart. My Husband, is treating me, wrongful and our kids. They are hurting. I am trying to be strong in myself and care for the kids. The kids, give me a hard time not wanting to go outside or socialize. They are like depressed. So, please Pray for my broken marriage and my kids, Peace and Joy and good health. Pray for my daughter, Malintzi, who has a kidney condition. She was born with Kidney Enlargement ( Hydronephrosis). She is not well to her stomach digestion and has bowl movement problems constantly chronically. Thank You, for your prayers!
Vanessa Negron

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