My sons life

by Dee ()

My son is 19 and met a 22yr female who is guiding him wrong. He has touch of ADHD and is fragile. My son is not himself, he is confused and not focus and drinking and going all over the country with her. My son had goals and she is now destroying that. Her newest thing is telling him that she wants to have his baby. My son seem like a zombie.

I pray that my son’s mind will be strengthened enough to keep far away from this girl, her friends and her family. I pray that my son will never get her pregnant and that he will walk farthest of the north to the south to the east away from her.
I pray that my son will listen to his parents and find himself back again to the person that God created him to be and that he will get the opportunity to do a cleanse/detox from this bad experience and stay out of this area for the next 3-6mths and that he will be healed in mind, body and spirit . I pray that my son will be safe and healthy and that he will find the right young lady in his life, the Godly one that you have saved for him. A young woman with good qualities that will compliment Andre’s which will allow them to grow together, love together and enjoy each other.

I pray that alcohol, temptation, drunk driving sex, girls and drugs is never a part of Andre’s life anymore and that he will stay far away from individuals that are influencing him on this path.

I pray for quick healing over Andre and I pray that whatever evil is placed towards Andre and the rest of our family that it will not prosper. I pray for continued strength, solutions, protection, love and support for each other in our family. I pray for immediate intervention for my son’s healing.

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