I’m acutely I’ll/healing or some relief

by Lisa ()

I am 58 years old and have been sick since I was 26 years old with auto immune diseases. These have culminated into for serious neurological autoimmune diseases and one Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease so far. They are completely incapacitate me and affect all my major organs so I’m in and out of our patient and patient hospitals and have been homebound for almost 5 years. I am in pain 24 seven and this affects my brain tremendously so I can’t think very well and I can’t remember much at all very long. I am a church planner and a ordained pastor myself and I’ve not been with my church family for over three years just online. And on top of all of that I am in a very unhealthy toxic marriage that I believe has been partly responsible for my illness. And my French bulldog was just diagnosed with congestive heart failure yesterday he is my therapy dog. Things are not looking good and I am fighting severe depression. I am at the mayo clinic in Jacksonville Florida where I am getting the best of care but there’s not a whole lot that can be done. I’m completely brokenhearted and very very lonely. I know all the things that I am supposed to be doing according to his good word in the Holy Spirit and I would say most of the time I can get myself there but it has been less and less time most recent that I can get there. I guess I’m just asking for a miracle and I believe he still performs them but I also give myself up to his well and I don’tPretend to know what that is I just have to trust it thank you for your prayers

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