Stop dishonesty & theft

by Mike ()

Brother was supposed to have my name put on parent’s bank account. He moved away and I gave up full time work to care for parent. As parent got sicker & I needed access to their money to help take care of them and pay taxes & up keep on their house brother was asked to put my name on parent’s account. Parent was too sick to do this themselves. Brother promised to sign account over to me but is dragging his feet. Not one cent in the account belongs to him. Parent passed away & I need access to that money for her final expenses & to continue to pay taxes & upkeep on house until it goes through probate. It is also my home now as I lived here with elderly sick parent for years & I am currently paying for things her money should cover with my life savings. Brother has not put one dime into that bank account or done anything for the now deceased parent for many years. Pray that he does right thing & release money like he promised & should.

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