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dear God please keep rachel saf while driving and always healthy cancer free h p v free and disease free please heal craig barb marissa mari tom edie liann and mom please help rachel find new job and craig like his job and matt find new job and dhruv and rachel be happy together talk out problems and love each other and get married and please help barbs kids and the peoplein ukraie please help mandy be happy and rachel and dhruv be happy and edie learn to talk please heal kids that were abused and please help me find job where i can help people please help rachel driving home safe tonight please keep rachel and milo safe and healthy and please keep johnmark healing and matt safe while working and please help rachel gt a raise and a new better job and please help dhruv and rachel be happy and please keep craig really safe and healthy and please heal him and please heal barb and help her and please heal dan and please watch over edie and mandy and family and please help women who need abortions get them and please keep rachel craig and dhruv happy healthy with jobs and safe and barbs kids healthy and with jobs please keep rachel safe while driving tonight and please make her happy and dhruv happy together dear God please help rachel get home safe driving tonight and please heal johnmark and please say hi to wendy tell her we love her miss her hey please help rachel get home and text me soon im worried hi please keep rachel safe while driving and always and cancer free and h p v free and disease free and healthy and happy and dating dhruv please heal john mark and matt please keep rachel and dhruv safe while running today and driving and always and please let them be safe if they run downtown or change their minds so they run in shoreline and tell wendy we miss her and can she watch over rachel andmake dhruv want to take her out for dinner and on date pleasekeep ctaig and rachel safe and healthy and also bridget please heal her pleaseheal dhruv and make him happy please keep rachel dhruv craig and barb safe and healthy please help rachel see if dhruv is the one for her if mot help her decide if yes help him be mentaly healthy and happy and be happy together ag nd show herhe will be a good husband and make her happy if he is mentaly strong enough and help her decide can her love heal him and could you heal him from his mean girlfriend and parents please keep rachel dhruv craig and barb safe healthy happy please keep rachel cancerfree h p v free and please keep rachel and everyone safe and healthy and please keep her safe while driving and please help her get the job interview for cyber place please help rachels package be good news please heal craig barb and edie and tom and jhonmark mari marissa liann and please heal dhruv and my mom and please help rachel get the good job please help edie talk and get potty trained

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