Wife Betrayal

by George ()

Prayer request for my wife and their relatives.

My wife got employment to Germany and I supported her financially and with prayers. I had to resign my job here in Nigeria to return to India so that I take care for my son, while I awaits the wife’s invitation to join her in Germany. However, since she got to Germany, she drastically changed and she’s not responding me anymore. Am in serious pain after all I have done for her.

Then she said so many lies about my parents, that they are fighting with her. Even she tell lies about me too, that I am not giving her money.

Her brother threatens me that he will beat me, and use abuse language to my parents

Her relative are culprits trying to destroying our marriage by taking control of her and she send the money to her family without asking me and her family never contributed anythings to send her Germany, she mocked the God too

Money is not a matter here is the trust she broken. I trust her and give money but she broken my trust.

Prayer Points
1. She should come to India as she will not have the peace there in Germany.
2. The lie she told against me and parents she not have the peace expect she reconcile with me and my parents
3. The relatives who tried to do culprits against me and my parents will not have peace until they reconcile with me and my parents
4. I need a good job so that I can have income

I request all to my brothers and sisters to remember me and prayer points in your prayers.

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