My life

by Shatoya ()

Heavenly Father, I come to you wanting more out of this relationship with you. Wanting to strengthen my relationship with you. I come to you wanting peace in every aspect of my life. As I work on myself allow me to really dive deep. I know you’ve giving me everything I need to reach my goals and I pray that my efforts go above and beyond in order for me to do that. I am under alot of pressure when it comes to getting my GED. I have a little more work to do before I can walk across that stage but I’m going to keep going. I will not give up Father. Help me when I feel distracted. Help me when I feel frustrated and want to quit. Push me pass my limits. I am strong but I need that extra push Lord. I pray that when I move it is my choice. I pray that I find another job when the time is right doing something that pertains to what I’m going to school for in order to gain that experience. My other school.that I am attending is designed to help me heal in order to help others who need healing as well. I pray that i take I’m everuthing I can and more. I pray that I practive mindfulness on a consistent basis. Lord remove ppl places and things that no longer serve my highest good and replace it with everything that does. Help me to be consistent in my walk with you as far as reading and studying my bible on a daily basis. I need more of you. I need a better understanding. I want to heal and do better. I natyle with mental health issues Lord and I am praying that during the rough times I always feel connected to you as some days I don’t feel connected to myself. I pray for better days to come. I pray that all my hard work is paying off and that I am on a better place soon. Continue to watch over my children and I. Continue to work on Antoine as well. If we’re meant to be together continue to heal us. May his walk with you be real may he not play with you nor play with me. Only you know what’s best Father and I choose you over everything. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

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