Prayer for Leonora Robredo, Vice-President of the Philippines Presidential BID

by TONY ()

A Prayers for Vice-President Leonora Robredo of the Philippines Presidential Bid on May 9,2022

Dear God Almighty, than k you for the blessings bestowed on me and to my family. The Lord God done too many amazing things on me and to my family even we are sinner. and promise to follow his rules and will to be a best servant that i can be. thank you Lord Jesus, for the forgiveness of all my sins, negligences and transgressions of my past life.
Lord God, I come before you as to pray for our leading candidate as President of the Philippines, Leonora Robredo, a widowed with clean heart, honest, with integrity, no issue of corruption, hard working public servant, pro-poor, pro-Filipino and will served our nation with all honestly.
Please pray for Vice-President Leonora Robredo and her team while doing the campaign. give her and followers full protection, shield them of your mighty power, send the Holy Spirit and All the angels and saints to keep our Vice-President from any harm, danger, sickness, incident, accident, evil doer, from crooked and wicked. please pray for the 110 millions Filipino to make up their minds and give their full supports instead to Leonora Robredo so the Philippines may have an Honest, God fearing leader.
Our Blessed Virgin Mary, please take care of Leonora Robredo and her running mate. shower them miracles and compassionate assistance until the end of the campaign period and let them win the election for the sake of the Philippines and its Citizens.

We the majority of the total population are praying for all these.
God Almighty, Abundantly Bless All the undertakings of the Leni Robredo team.

God Bless the Philippines.

Lord Jesus and Mama Mary, please give our nation a holy blessings.


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