Prayer for the return of my one and only son and my oldest daughter.

by Billie ()

Yes I would like prayers for me my oldest daughter and my one and only son. My oldest son waited till he was 19 and got adopted by his stepmother yes I have addiction problem but I had full custody of my oldest son and daughter for 10 years and they were the best 10 years of my life but when I came in the attic I did not want them on the street with me so I gave their dad custody because I thought he would do right and not turn them against me but he did more than turn them against me they allowed his new wife to adopt my son at the age of 19. I never missed a birthday I never missed a holiday yeah I wasn’t there why I was high but I didn’t miss the birthdays or the holidays and when I did have custody of them they had anything they wanted where I went wrong was giving my ex-husband custody and then talking him into fun for custody from his stepmom. Which I think is very wrong of his dad because I had a problem and trusted him and need help and he betrayed me. I promise you my kids never went without never wanted for anything but I didn’t want them on the streets with me and their dad was at that time a good dad and took care of them now I thank him talking bad about me and encouraging my son to let the stepmother adopting was wrong and my daughter is 17 and I’ve heard through the grapevine she may let her stepmom adopt her but she literally told me to get the f out of her life. I will sit and wonder I didn’t with my kids ever I always talk to them when they done wrong sometimes I wonder if a woman wouldn’t have been better or what I did so wrong to deserve all this I pray daily for my kids to see that I had a problem and I’m still working everyday to stay clean very hard process especially after almost half my life was on drugs I’m not afraid to admit it because I am getting clean but what hurts is losing my only son and my oldest daughter because I had to brain disorder and I have mental problems along with that that hurts even worse because their dad knew I had mental problems and he waited till I was at my lowest when he wanted to do all this stuff and get the Stepmom to adopt him and I think that should not be allowed especially when they’re sitting there encouraging 19 year old child to do it my son still at 21 still I feel like hey don’t realize what he done and he’s not going to until he gets a little age on him then he might regret it at least I’m not saying anything bad for my son I’m just saying I hope he does regret it because I want the return of my son back to me I want my son to love me like I love him unconditionally just please pray for the return of my children not only did they turn him and her against me but against God they used to be children of God they prayed my daughter actually got baptized at the age of 11 with her own saying I’m asking us if she can get baptized and I let her because she chose to now they say they’re atheist how could you do that I mean they have talked to them children or said stuff that isn’t true to get them children to do that. Please just pray for the return of my children back to God and to me I pray for them to turn their hearts back to God because I know if their hearts are with God they will see I had a bad disorder brain disorder that I not choose to be an addict. Thank you in advance and any comments would help

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