Blessings Positivity Protection and more God

by Shaquana ()

Dear God,

Thank you for waking me up. God thank you for rest my daughter her grandparents my parents my job my car My framily friends siblings extended family and bonus children. God thank you for every lesson blessing and miracle past present and future. Thank you God for Pj, my new home for Peyton and I. Thank you for my health and weight loss journey. God I pray that you walk with me and carry me through this new week with good health and mental decisions, financial increase eliminating my debt car paid off car insurance paid and issues resolved gas to get back to my mom’s home is sufficient and more than needed. God let no weapon formed against me prosper nor any plans of the enemy harm me my health finances my important relationships my most important relationships with myself you God my daughter her father and my parents. In Jesus mighty name God carry me through this week with blessings this upcoming week God open up new doors in my career and finances living health love car . God close the door on negativity hate envy jealousy fear doubt negativity lack bad mental and physical health. In Jesus mighty name God give me faith of a mustard seed. God give me wisdom I repenth my sins and come to you with all of my short comings. God let no weapon formed against me prosper. God let no weapon formed harm my family Wooten Travis Dorsey Hooks Melchor Evans Duteau Desroches Keels Herron Battle Cardworks Curtis family Benjamin family Cody’s family. In Jesus mighty name God let no weapon formed against me prosper against my finances relationships and car. In Jesus mighty name God do your will way in my life in this upcoming week. In Jesus mighty name God Amen Hallelujah Let this day be filled with blessings monetary emotionally figuratively physical joy God protection purpose and love. In Jesus mighty name Amen

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