Come Holy Spirit

by Anrhont ()

LORD God, thank you for sending your Holy Spirit that great miracles and revival will take place before your soon return, thank you that if there is a pastor who is supposed to be ministering in a level or promoting revival in a way that he believes he can’t as a single man that you will bring the Godly wife that you foreknew him to have and that you are helping all of the annointed men women and Children in Christ, you will give us food and water to drink as well as spiritual food (your word LORD) some of us may need milk from that word and others may need steak so train us up LORD that we may be everything you need us to be and LORD if there are urgent needs that I may or may not know about because God only knows LORD then please decree a thing and make it stablished. Remove guilt from the conscience of those who need to and speak life into the world with your Holy Spirit. You said in your word LORD that we have been cleaned by the teaching you have given us already and we thank you for that. If people are feeling hopeless LORD Give them Hope and a reason to keep going in the path of righteousness that you have called them to. Hallelujah Jesus Christ my savior. Thank you Father God in Jesus name Amen

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