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I don’t even know where to begin. Almost 2 years ago in May my husband committed suicide in our home, I came home to find him. He had so many mental problems I wasn’t aware of until later in our marriage. I had found multiple phones he had stolen from multiple hookers in the behind the back of his seat one day. The lord kept telling me something just wasn’t right with him but I think it was just easier to ignore. Then my mother and my sister who lived by my mother got into a huge fight and my mom decides she wants to sell her house and move in with me. I was trying to get her not to accept offers to give me time I just had suffered a great trauma in my life and need time to heal. Next thing I know she is sending her things over in a trailer to my home, oh no. I have had a broken relationship with my mom in the past because of the things she did to me and my immediate family, but my heart hurt for her and my step dad as they are getting more feeble. They put a lot of money into my home to make room for them but no amount of money is worth peace to me. I have a great faith in god and I am a 3 time cancer survivor only because of the lord and his healing. I am so hurt I have moved them into my home only for them to cause division in my home and hate at me on a daily basis. She has turned my daughter against me and her boyfriend , she is very crafty at her ways. My son will not come to my house anymore because she treated him and his girlfriend horribly when they came to my home to visit. She makes my step dad cry if he agrees with me on anything and I cannot take it and I tell her this is not happening in my home, you are not going to control people and make them cry and spread lies about me to everyone! She is a master manipulator but I felt bad for her and my step dad and didn’t want them to be alone with no help, especially now with the covid I see god was protecting them. I need prayer for so many things . I don’t even know how to handle someone saying horrible things to me everyday. I am now just being silent so I don’t get into a argument with her and say something I will regret or hurtful to her. It is sad because my step dad said he doesn’t have the strength to stand up to her because she is so mean and I am taking the blunt of it all from my daughter and her boyfriend in my home and being verbally abused everyday in my home. Please Pray for me! I know if more than one gather together in faith god can move mountains and I know he will but I just need prayer!!!! God bless and Thank you!

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