Prayer for employment and guidance in life

by Geraldine ()

Good afternoon,
I would please like to request prayer for a job and for God’s guidance and grace and mercy in my life and job situation.
I made a major error in my life, I resigned and took up a lesser position in a different city from my home town because I wanted change and a new environment because I felt stuck and like the other areas of my life were not progressing eg relationships/friends etc I was pretty much depressed. The problem is I talked myself into it and did not feel at peace about it at all – God knows why I did not heed the warning and alarm bells but I wanted it to be different and tried so hard to convince myself it was a good move. Needless to say, I feel deep regret for leaving my previous employer – what a hard lesson I am learning and I wish I could turn back the hands of time.
2ndly my mother is going to be undergoing chemotherapy now in my hometown and I just left – now I would like to go back and I so see why I should have listened to my body when it didn’t have peace about jumping ship and stayed.
3rdly she is living in my house and I am worried now that if she becomes incapacitated I will have two households to look after on a lesser salary than my previous one, so again major error and consequences here. I should have stayed in my old job.
Anyway, I have now been begun to look for a new job again back home so that I can be closer to my mum and also so that I can go back to my previous work level – so I would like to ask for prayer for success in job hunting/being shortlisted and securing a good job.
I have prayed about my situation, my regrets, my failure to listen and the consequences thereof and have asked God to forgive me and I am finding it so hard to trust and believe that it is well because I feel I deserve the punishment, I am also so scared God is going to let me suffer for years here because of my bad decision.
So I would like to ask for prayer, please. Prayer to get the job at NRF and that God hears my cry and that he is not angry with me and that he may restore me even though I don’t deserve it. Also for me to wholeheartedly believe that I am forgiven and that God will make a way despite my failures. I really am nervous and struggling in my unbelief.

Thank you.

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