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I am having difficulties with one of my jobs, and its my own fault. I have been there two years and have been consistently late to work. My boss hired someone to replace me, however she didn’t fire me. She said she still wants me to come to work but put me in a different department. I was informed on a Friday and the change occurred the following Monday. I work in a pre-school. It is very hard to come in and see the beautiful, young, talented woman who replaced me. But at least they can depend on her. She dresses very nice, wears a dress and fancy shoes, has a lot of confidence. My new position is “wherever I am needed.” I already miss the children I worked with for 2 years in my old position. I hold a place in my heart for them. This is very hard, and I am thinking that as nice as it was for my boss to give me this new position, “wherever they need me ” it is too, too much for me , emotionally, to face the new person every time I come in. It is just a reminder of my failure and feelings of inadequacy. I need your prayers, thank you. Heidi

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