Desperate Prayers

by Me in pain ()

I’m just done believing. I’ve been so disappointed and distraught with my life and the Lord and just lost my faith and hope and trust in God after several years of believing I was doing God’s will and following His plan and heart for my life and loving the Lord, and so much more. Plus, more recently,
I’ve been in school for 8 years and still haven’t graduated and just weary and exhausted and so much more. I’m scheduled now to graduate this summer 2022 but my life and school progress has been so stagnated that it’s very little progress. I’m feeling like I’m just being blocked and hindered and delayed daily even hourly and can’t move anything out of my way or have victory over it although I pray I’m an overcomer in Christ Jesus, I’m more than a conqueror, and asking and pleading with God to help me because He knows everything I need to graduate this semester and yet it’s still more delays and I’m just spent and don’t see or feel or hear God anymore and understand why my life feels like I’m literally toiling every hour and no peace in my life and school or anything. Just feel like evil forces are just against me and God is I’m guessing not stronger or greater in me than he that’s in the world because me and my life don’t see the victory over it and the promises of God after several years, like more than 20 years. Why would God not help me? Im just at a loss, and a whole lot more.
I call 24/7 prayer lines a few times last year and a couple this year and get voice mails and no cone called me back. I don’t even know what to pray for or even ask for anymore. Thanks for reading and your blessed prayers.

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