Return to America without anxiety

by Szilva ()

Hi, I’m Szilva, 44, been living in The US for over 8 years. I am European, and I have been having a very hard time living in the States. I have found that living in this culture made me more empty and without real friends. I have been tasting loneliness, isolation, too much concern for appropriate behavior, wondering what people think/ expect like in no other countries. And I became exhausted and hopeless from it. My family and I are active in a healthy church, as well as maintain an open social life. We care about eating healthy and staying physically active. Still, we have a hard time finding connections which we can call as genuine friends. After 8 years of living in the US, I came back to Budapest, where I’m from for three weeks to seek God and collect information about the idea of relocating to Europe. My husband and I both feel more at home in Europe. Less pretentious and not nearly as individualistic as the US. I’m heading back to the States in a few days and I’m realizing that I’m hurt and not sure if I want to be back even just facing my “nice” but not genuine neighborly relationships. I am broken for America as a disciple of Jesus, and I am in desperate need of a few good friends in the US near where I live. I am scared of the loneliness my husband and I have I. the US with our family of five, being isolated so much having to deal with our issues with the Lord without genuine friends. I’d like to ask for prayers for me and my family to be bold and courageous, to be protected from wondering what others think, from this mild social anxiety we have developed from living in this culture and to see God’s will for our plans of relocating.
I really appreciate your support.
Blessings in Jesus

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