My Ex-Best Friend/BF’s Salvation

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Heavenly Father God,
I count my ex into your capable and loving hands. You brought us each other’s lives about a year ago and he fast became my very good friend, even best friend. Over the last couple months, we acknowledged romantic feelings for one another, despite the fact that I knew we would be unequally yoked if we were to pursue a romantic relationship. In spite of my convictions, I agreed to try a relationship out hoping that his eyes would be opened to you.
During the few weeks that we made it official, we had great times dating and continuing to knowing/learn about each other. However, our discussions involving faith and morality just got more and more painful to the point where I couldn’t have peace in the relationship anymore so we’re amicably stepped away from our romantic relationship and friendship.
I have grown in love with him Lord and I care about him still. We’ve been broken up for a week and a half now and it hasn’t been easy. I don’t know what your future plans for me/him or us are but I know that no matter what, you will work all things out for our goods and more importantly, the good of the Kingdom.
Lord, please help me to decrease so you can increase in his heart, mind, soul, spirit and overall life. Encounter him at the right time as you encountered Saul on the road to Damascus, in Jesus’ name. Soften his hardened heart that has turned against you. I pray that if in anyway, due to being a sinner, I have been a stumble in his road to you, please forgive me and get him on the right path.
He’s overall a pretty decent human being that would only be better with you. May he taste and see that the Lord is good, in Jesus’ name I pray and believe, amen!

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