Mitchs life

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In Jesus Name please pray God heals my family and I where we need healing,
Praying God helps my husband Mitch start making at least 500 a week working from home instead of having to commute 2 hours away so we can go to church together, as our marriage suffers from his commute, but it is good income also, so its a catch 22, thank You Jesus for his income, praying he can make that income from home so we can spend quality time together, help us pay bills this week, help us Lord with our car and loans, please help Mitch be safe and have better customers that are good people, instead of shady people, please Lord protect Mitch in every way, in his travels and work, etc, please pray God grants Mitch longevity and great health, soundness and wholeness that surpasses his parents, and grandparents, by a longshot, in God’s Mercy and Grace, unspokens, in Jesus Name, Amen and Hallelujah!!!

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