Restore my marriage

by Sharon ()

My husband has never cleved to me from day one. His life is for anyone outside of our home and he has never put me our home or responsibility first. He moved out 5/22/22, listening to one of his friends lying about me when I went to the store. Its just over 3 months and he’s taken a trip to Jamaica fir the 3rd time without me and seldom calls when he’s there. There are rumors of his infidelity and possibly a child outside our marriage. When he returned he is trying to come back making promises that I’ve heard on many occasions that went nowhere. He doesn’t help with bills, groceries, chores, nor does he spend any time with me except when he has personal needs. I’ve been told many things about him and that he married me to obtain a green card. I kinda believe it the way hw treats me. I want prayer over both of us, me for strength and clarity to know what my next steps will be him for healing and to change his ways and to see ME as a wife a loving carob giving person BUT also someone who he has broken my spirit and that I’m at the very end of the rope and ready to give up and move on with my life without him.

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