God Heavenly Father Make our miracle Wishes come true For Rizza Bunner for

by Jonathan Rizza Bixbie ()

Help us For our Rizza Bunner please God make Wishes for her to come true she’s Safe in Royal Unit 2 with Friends who love her help her with a miracle worker to stop these Black guys God help save her life by FBI arrest Nick and care Paramedics CPO Ambulance show up immediately to expose where she is Rizza Bunner and white fbi stop this crazy hypnotist end his involvment Nic Allen black guy 6’0 dreadlocks 180 lbs I’m a good husband for her she needs a rescue now save her Nic gets distracted off her, and a FBO hero Stops Nics involvment with my Rizza Bunner I need her Alive I haven’t seen her in 13 months I hear from her over the phone just last night help her make it to an unknown hospital for Miracle PCP Intervenus in her middle forarm, please make sure this message gets to fbi and care Paramedics keep her truthfully alive and happy with me Help us visit together on the outside with a buddy family Friend pass for her tomorrow I’m worth it more we are both worth it more together God make a way the stupid social worker guy stops falsely accusing us of domestic violence make a way with my Miracle Wishes I opportunities to get my back pay Rizza Bunner has court on the 21st of this month for her abolish ment of Gaurdianship and abolishment Conservatorship and gets her back pay for 11 months and rei estate her income and get her ID and Social Security Card, fbi arrest black guy Nick he’s a Offender for Public intent to do harm and inteluctal property crimes it’s an all white and Asian Caucasian case in family support,

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