3-31-17We Need Down$ Sizing Apartment Relocation Miracle Prayer Now Amen.

by R. P (W.S. N.C. Forsyth)

In Jesus Name I thank you GOD for keeping me and my family and friends Safe from all harm. I don’t know how You GOD is going to get me through the training next week for my new job in hospital and i’m keeping the Faith that I get hired immediately after the training and I am still Praying to you GOD that management where we paid our Deposit for our new downsized apartment will say yes to trusting Us to pay all our rent on time like We have always done with out paying any more deposit and rent because of our credit or any other reason and get the keys by 3-31-17 because living in 2 story town home is keeping light bills high & we need 24/7 Quiet in area one top floor apartment we picked out. We want to be able to keep paying our Tithes save money, renew my driver’s license before my birthday 2017 and buy a car that we need and be able to keep our phones and internet / wifi on always. I know you told me GOD to Not to depend on my job or people but to depend Only on You Only and that’s what I am doing. You have brought me through 2 paralyzing strokes, my husband’s death in 2016, and this past week in rain with no signs I fell on my knee inside the bus station and i’m still walking safely with barely no pain and still going to my job & now training classes for my new job that others are waiting to be called, but you GOD will make me be called to start working in hospital asap after training Amen. What I mighty GOD I Serve!