30 days sober and still missing my buddy

by Nathan (Oakland Ca)

Oh God,

This morning I woke up crying again not as much but still crying again about my friend Matt who has gone away. I started pacing back and forth again with anxiety worrying about him and as I write this I cry still. I just ask God that you keep him safe and healthy. I ask god that you watch over him and he meant allot to me and I still hurt from his disappearance.

Today I celebrate 30 days of sobriety and even though my head is getting clear my heart is still foggy from missing my friend.
I ask god that you bring us back together when you think its best and that you watch over my sobriety so that I can be a better person to my friend and other people.

I also ask that you keep temptation from treating my sobriety. Last night I was strong to push away Jeffery and his attempts to ruin my sobriety, but what about next time. Im afraid I will not be so strong. Please keep him away from me god.
Thank you God, in jesus name i pray.

With all my heart and soul.


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  1. Nathan says:

    I wrote this prayer back in January sometime. Since then the lord has answered my prayer’s. I have been staying sober while trying to get recovered while understanding the nature or cause of my addiction problems. My friend Matt-Carl has returned back into my life. And I have been able to stay away from bad influences like Jeffery and others who have threaten my sobriety.
    Thank you god for making me a better person by coming into my heart and given me love, which I am open to feeling and seeing through sobriety. I ask for you to remain in my heart and soul for I can not do this without your power and love. Let me be a vessel of your peace and love and so that people can see that you are true and that you have saved me.
    Thank you God for hearing my prayer’s.

  2. Anonymous says:
    Prayed for you

    Just want you to know that I prayed for you. God will direct your life in the path that he has planned for you. He knows what you need and will provide it according to his will.

    In regards to staying sober. I am a drug and alcohol psychologist and I believe in the power of receiving support. Alcohol Anonymous is a program based on trusting in a higher power – for you this means, you can attend these support groups and trust God will heal you and lead you.

    Prayer is sooo important, however so is getting support such as counselling.

  3. Bernadette says:
    Well done

    Keep strong. You have done great – 30 days is brilliant!
    Being sober has been the best thing I have ever done! I couldn’t stop drinking, that is all I did.. Life in sobriety is so worth it. I laugh more, I smile more! Stay with it and I send you lots of love, prayers and luck…

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