3 yrs long distance relationship is ending .

by Sabra ()

I have been in an online (LDR) for 3 years now; we were inseparable ; very madly in love ; shared same interests ;never a day could stay without one another ; always spoke about settling down ; this was the year my other half wanted to come down to South Africa meet with my kids ; he is from Houston Texas ‘ we both were finding difficulty staying away from each other ;he cancelled appointments and had his work pending just to be with me hence he made a booking to come down in Feb. ; but missed his flight ; he went into depression and was hospitalised for 2 weeks; we both were very eager to settle down this yr.he wanted to come down and help me apply for the visa and go together but but finances has come in the way ; he asked me for some assistance which i tried my level best but failed him ; cause of this he decided to call it off saying he cant manage this( ldr)anymore ; he is hurting i am hurting ; we love each other so much but cause of his visa expiring in sep ; there’s nothing we both can do ; i miss him so much ; i cant stay without him ; we now not talking anymore ; please keep us in prayer ; I’m lost without him ; I’m afraid what am i going to do ; we both are going through depression now cause he said maybe its not meant to be for us ; it really hurts …

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