3 days until homeless

by Lorrie (Orchard Hill, Griffin .Ga)

I lost my job 6 weeks ago, have no income at all comming in, my rent and bills r all due in 3 days, I have nothing and no one to help me, I have been looking for work and nothing has come up yet. I need help with my rent and bills and to aquire a job. so I will not be homeless.I thought I had a few good friends, but found when one is in need of help and maybe a place to stay, they avoid you, I feel so destitute now, I have faith I pray all the time, I do not want huge amount just enough for my rent and bills until I get a job. I am tired of this worry and the constant crying.

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  1. My Friend

    I am sorry for your struggles. I know how you feel and sometimes, all one can give is an encouraging word. God bless you and keep you. Don’t worry about what ye shall drink or eat, are you not more than the fowls of the air. When you do not see the Lord–he is still there. Have faith, continue to call on him and then believe. Remember all are not friends, some are, but may not be able to help. Please, speak with a local church/ministry for help. There amay be some agencies that can lead you to some overlooked assistance. Remember, your bad situation is temporary and will change. Don’t give up on the Lord,and keep trying to do the right thing. Sometimes people are selfish or they are scared to help. Help is on way. May God’s angel keep watch over you…you will be strong. Amen.

  2. praying for you

    i am praying for you in this hard time .. use your talents god has given to you at the moment to try and create some sort of income . I have done this and it has helped significantly . reach out to all frnds , family , etc ……please take care and again i will be praying .

  3. I prayed for you!!

    I’ve seen this like two months ago and I want you to know that I have prayed for you. Did our prayers work? Did you pay the bills and find a job? The Lord has truly blessed you.

  4. I hope you are alright

    I read your prayer, I felt really moved. I prayed, as I am hoping you are alright now.

    God bless you,


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