15 years with depression

by Gail (Florida)

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are worthy of all praise and glory. Thank you for being our help in times of trouble.

You know all about Jennifer who is 35 and has suffered from depression for 15 years. The medications have ceased to be effective and the new ones haven’t helped yet.

God, I bring my daughter before you and am praying without ceasing for her. You are the only one who can help her and I am on my knees begging for Your intervention. Please help her be able to go to work so she doesn’t lose her job.

Show me what I can do to help and give me the right words to use with her. I don’t understand this problem and need your guidance. If it be your will, please remove this burden from her.

Please help Jennifer find the joy that only you can give.
I plead for her and for the others who also suffer. We are not worthy of You, but we humbly beg you for help. Please send prayer warriors to pray for her.

I pray in the precious name and blood of your Son