14 years in the making!

by Sara (Boston)

I was never told that I was bright or smart , only creative and silly.I was often told that I could not “do it” but in the end I did it.Along the way , the road of 14 years, I never lost faith in God, only in myslef.The road often seemed impossible to journey down, there was much hurt, often times at my own hand.

What kept me going, it was truly the grace of God and the light of Jesus.they told me to keep moving, they helped me travel a road that many times seemed impossible.

It took me 14 years to find myslef, to trust in myself, to hand all things that seemed impossible over to them. I idi just that , I am bright , now I can grow and help those who need it , in such a more powerful capacity.I am smart, by his grace.

It only took me 14 years, but I have learned of their powers and the power of “self.” I have graduated and I eraned my two advanced degrees! it only took 14 years, but I did it , by the grace of God!

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  1. Anonymous says:
    Thank you God

    God has blessed you because of your undying faith in him.

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